Parke County Historical Society 2017 

The Parke County Historical Society Museum is currently closed until April 1 of 2017.  If you have questions concerning Parke County History, please email your inquiry to or call 765-569-2223. 

For more information on Parke County History and Genealogy related questions, we suggest you try one of the following links: 

         The Rockville Public Library at  Contact: or call 765-569-5544. 

         Parke County Historian (Randall Wright) at

or call 765-569-5127.

         Parke County Genealogist (Mikel Lewman) at

or call 765-569-5935.

         The Indiana Genealogical Society at

We hope the Indiana winter turns out to be a mild one.  If you are in the area after April 1, 2017, please feel free to drop by the Parke County Historical Society Museum in Rockville, IN.  We would love to see you.

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